Our History

Leonelli’s company was founded in 1835 as certificate awarded in 1967 by the Macerata’s chamber of commerce and handed down from father to son came up to the present day.

We have always made any kind of sickle,bill hook, double-edged bill hook, hoe, and axe for every part of Italy since 1978 and also abroad. In fact we maintain business relationship with France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria.

Our main feature is that the work of tools is still mostly by hand; especially the manufacture of sickles is entrusted exclusively to the mallet (for forging) and the hand of man (finishing and presentation).

It’s enough to think of the work required to turn a still bar 10 mm wide and 5 mm thick in a resistant and elastic blade thickness of a few tenth of a millimeter.

Today, our company is well known and appreciated in Italy and abroad for the quality and care of its products.

We can also produce any cutting tool for the agriculture, construction, gardening and any type of history weapon, also at the request of the customer.

We are therefore able to provide unique product with excellent quality, durable materials, using techniques of traditional crafts that are being lost now and that our company is able to provide thanks to its century-old history.

Owning Leonelli’s tools is owning a unique piece, the result of the expert hand, watchfull eye of man after a long and difficult apprenticeship. We invite you to visit our new site; for any information we are at your disposal.